Every day there are several thousand internet users in the world. Make information about your company widely available. Smart company management allows you to manage your time and information well. Information transfer via websites is the cheapest form of advertising and allows you to save huge amounts of time and human resources, reduce printing costs, enrich customer service, acquire customers through advertising and promotions, inform about new ventures, products and services, as well as collect information about it. what they expect and how to direct their business. So use the latest technologies that brings with it the so-called WWW (World Wide Web).

Creating an aesthetically pleasing page is only part of the work that needs to be done in order to benefit from it. Many pages (despite the fact that they look decent) open extremely slowly, do not have appropriate marketing content, and cannot be updated by their owner. The authors of the pages (often those made in Poland) disappear from the market as soon as they appear. People who design websites do not take into account the possibility of their expansion with dynamic data presentation, etc. An ordering party who is looking for a contractor only from the perspective of price, therefore, awaits various kinds of surprises. One of the conditions for the success of your website is its optimization, the so-called SEO (Search Engine Optimalization). dATA POINT SOFTWARE specializes in preparing websites in terms of SEO, and thanks to this, the information that you post with full capacity will be easier to find in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.

The DATA POINT SOFTWARE company has existed since 1996 and as its owner I have over 20 years of experience in the IT industry (software, LAN / WAN network construction, computer repair and service, multimedia projects - films, animations, audio commercials). dATA POINT SOFTWARE is a Polish company offering a wide range of services and products.

We offer development of a professional 'BUSIENESS' website. With dPS you can find the lowest possible prices with guaranteed professionalism and speed of execution. We develop websites in the STANDARD and MODULAR class. These classes include the development of up to 6 (six) DHTML pages In Standard version) or unlimited number of pages (in Modular version) which meet the conditions described below:

Plan / Price Comparison




Initial Consultation



Provision of appropriate materials by the client (texts, illustrations, photos, audio and video materials - in electronic form, e.g. e-mail, CD, floppy disk, etc.)



Domain refistration



Development of up to 6 pages.  This project includes up to 2 Forms, up to 12 videos, unlimited pictures and text.

$490 / site

$60 / pave



$90 / site

Maintenance (which includes weekly backups, restoration, data analytics, Log reports and security checks).


$20 / month
$200 /yr


dATA POINT SOFTWARE operates virtually from offices in US and Europe. Customer Support is available through Chat Sessions, Phone (within the working hours) and through Email.

All registered members have access to the Ticket Management System which allows quick access to chronological troubleshooting data. If you are not a dPS member, please contact our sales department to join.