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Should you upgrade to Windows 11 ?

Should you purchase or upgrade to Windows 11 ?    We would  advise rather not.



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Opting out of Windows 11, for now, doesn’t mean that you will not be able to upgrade in the future. Do you remember how Microsoft pushed users to upgrade from Windows 8 to Windows 10 ?
Well, obviously Windows-8 was really bad release and we try to avoid servicing Win-8 computers.

We’d be shocked if Microsoft didn’t, encourage users as enthusiastically as it did previously, all in the service of upgrading to Windows 11. We simply can’t imagine that you’ll lose the opportunity to upgrade to Windows 11, ever.

There will be a tipping point. At some time in the future, we believe that Microsoft will ship Windows 11’s flagship features, polish the user interface, fix (most) bugs, and hopefully tweak its user interface and features. We can’t say when that might be, but we’ll weigh in when we think that it’s time to upgrade.

For now, however, we would recommend that most people simply opt out and wait to move to Windows 11. Most—not all! If you enjoy working within Microsoft’s most modern environment, we’d encourage you to upgrade. People who want to experience features like AutoHDR or like what Microsoft is doing with Windows 11’s Widgets should give it a try. After all, you should have a short period of time to roll back to Windows 10.

Windows 11 still is the future of Windows. For many Windows 10 users, though, that the future can wait. Check out our exhaustive Windows 11 review if you’d like to dive even deeper into our impressions of Microsoft’s latest OS.

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