Our Services

We offer IT service for residential and small business customers. All services presented below are part of the 2M (Maintenance Membership) program.
This porgram consists or multiple components: inventory, software installation, maintenance actions (such as Backups, System Monitoring, Privacy Monitoring, Security Check, Network Monitoring) and On Demand Repairs and more. Please check the list below to quickly learn what's included.

Operating System

Learn basics of the Operating System of your choice (Windows/Mac-OS/Linux).

This training consists of LEVEL-1 and LEVEL-2. It will allow you start from scratch and learn tens of different skills which allow you to use your computer more effectively. Upon completion of Level-1 you will have all basic skill to operate you computer and perform typical tasks.

Level-2 will give you the knowledge and skills most often needed for running business activities, performing work for your employer or do variety of studies and research.

Computer Basics for Seniors

Designed for users over 60 who need to learn basic skills which allow them use the basic tasks, like browsing the web, exchanging Emails, wtiring simple documents or making live internet sessions.

Media Publishing

This class is for those who are interested in video production. That includes working with video recording equipment, editing software, and putting it all together for the final product. After completion, you will have basic skills to product simple videos and get amazing recording results efficiently.

Office Skills

IF you running your own business or you work as an office assistant, the skills from this course will allow you to use Microsoft Office very effectively. Many people waste huge amount of time simply because they do not now how to use the product, do not know how to automate office tasks, how to efficiently manage their documents and tasks.

This course consists of active participation in practicing. You will have to do and complete  your homework in order to successfully comlete this class.

Network Technician

This course is concentrated on field services. You will learn about network devices, wiring, configuring Routers Access Points and switches. You will learn how to troubleshoot network wiring and perform network monitoring.


Graphic Design

If you want to learn tools like Adobe Photoshop or Affinity Photo , this class is for you. You will learn basic and intermediate skills to operate the graphic program and get expected results quickly. This class consists of practical exercises and will give much fun.

System Administration and Security

Designed for advanced users who aim to become Server Administrators or Network Administrators. This class allows you to acquire network skills on another level. After completion you will know how to administer complex networks and manage data servers.

This class consists of Level-1 and Level-2.

Web Development

We offer limited service of hardware, that is mostly desktop and laptop computers. Such repairs do not fall under membership service, and cost of repairs is estimated and billed on per-case basis.
Within the membership, we can help you diagnose your hardware issues (which happen quite a lot) and advise you with best steps to resolve it. Sometimes, repairs at more costly than purchasing a new hardware.

Audio Production

Audio Production class is mostly aimed for music producers, musicians, DJ's and alike. You will learn how to create compositions, how to record analog devices, how to create sound effects and put your tracks into final product. This course consists of Level-1 (for non-musicians) and Level-2 (for musicians).


dATA POINT SOFTWARE operates virtually from offices in US and Europe. Customer Support is available through Chat Sessions, Phone (within the working hours) and through Email.

All registered members have access to the Ticket Management System which allows quick access to chronological troubleshooting data. If you are not a dPS member, please contact our sales department to join.