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In recent 30+ years we have developed number of applications, small and big data oriented systems. We specialize in business type applications only and do not consider other projects (like computer games, scientific programs and media type apps). Our expertise lies in data processing and manipulation.

Desktop Development

We can develop desktop applications for Windows 7.8,10,11 , Mac-OS and Linux.

Every development project is custom build, so the cost is calculated on estimated labor hours and potential additional costs (which may apply) if extra development libraries or services are needed.

Development phases are similar to the mentioned in the Web Development section.


Usually desktop projects are the most costly but they are more independent than web apps.

Mobile Applications

Quite often, your desktop or web application would require data access on the go. There rare two approaches to implement it.

  • develop a web application with the built-in responsive design
  • develop stand alone mobile application which will utilize and web database
The first approach is much cheaper while still usable. The downside is that it will use mobile browser in order to display and manipulate data. Since browsers have their limitations, the might be some features which cannot be easily implemented (ie. using build in device sensors). The second approach allows using all device resources and internal features, but is more costly. You (the customer) must realize that the time of this writing there are to mobile operating systems (with the few new systems on the horizon). Each mobile OS will have to be developed separately as they use different mechanisms within OS, different sensors and are maintained by separate entities (ie. Google and Apple), which often implement different approaches to the device instrumentation.

Web Development

Our web development consists of two major components:
building websites

building web applications

Many websites contain web applications.

So what is a web application ?
In simple terms, it is a collection of Forms, Lists, and some other objects which allow collecting and manipulate user data. When using a web application, the form data is stored in a database table and can be retrieved at any given moment. Date can be also manipulated, sorted, filtered etc.

A great example of a web application would be an eCommerce site, here graphical design is matched with data to produce a consistent web store where customers purchase goods.

We can however build custom web applications which can meet any customer needs. This is especially useful when you (the customer) do not find a ready product which meets all your criteria or requirements.

We also build web applications which are supplemental to other web apps or big projects.

We can build web based projects which can utilize practically any type of database. We support MS-SQL, MySQL, Oracle, Firebird, SQLite, Ms-Access, CdB2, Informix, Sybase, dBASE, Azure, Progress and few others.

Web applications are encrypted and scripted in PHP/JS/CSS. Please ask our representatives for a demo link to play with a few examples we developed to get a general feeling of what is possible.

Usually, the development process consists of several phases.

(1) Requirements

  • documenting basic functionality
  • documenting  data structure and information flow
  • screen mockups

(2) Development
(3) Testing
(4) Production
(5) Maintenance and Updates


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